January 20th, 2015

Wildwood Market

by Jeshua Harris, high school intern

Recently opened, and located in the heart of blossoming Fountain Square stands the refreshing, and nutrient rich Wildwood Market. This new, and local market stands to nourish the culinary needs of the surrounding Fountain Square neighborhood, a grocery store carrying a diverse range of local produce, dairy, farm fresh eggs, meats, prepared foods, and house-made items.


“We are dedicated to spreading the foodie spirit and sharing the love of good tasting food,” said owner Craig Sanders, “The market is a place for exploring where quality food comes from, and how it is made.”


As Fountain Square’s newest neighborhood grocery, Wildwood’s goal is to share its passion for local food by sharing carefully selected local and regional products, and by spreading the “do it yourself” foodie spirit. “We love our neighborhood, and we strive to improve it with our presence,” Sanders and his wife Emily explained, “By sourcing our products from local producers, we are able to keep more money in the local economy, and support many other local businesses.”


Andrew and I ventured over to Fountain Square to have our own experience at this exceptionally quaint market and eatery. We were pleasantly surprised to find Wildwood Market set up in an old, repurposed auto body shop. Their menu features a seasonal soup or side along with a freshly made sandwich of the day. The concept of a daily changing menu is what sets this place apart from other sandwich shops in Indianapolis. Because of the constantly changing menu this grocery store doubling as a restaurant can create a loyal fan base of curious and hungry foodies, eager to try the next day’s culinary masterpiece. All of their ingredients that they do not make in house they acquire from local artisans, which adds a great deal to its appeal.

What makes Wildwood even more unique is how they partner with local organizations such as the Fletcher Place Community Center, Wheeler Mission Ministries, and Second Helpings by donating their excess produce and other dry goods to help feed people in need. Wildwood also offers educational opportunities demonstrating to neighbors how to eat healthfully and seasonally. And trust us, they also serve a delicious lunch! So if you are on a lunch break, or live in the area, head to Wildwood Market for a more than satisfactory meal, created by a local business making a positive difference in Indy.