April 28th, 2015

“What’s Your Pleasure?” by Kristin Divers

by Andrew Christenberry

“I’ve had many other interests and callings over the course of my adult life,” Kristin Divers explained, “Endeavors into which I’ve invested a lot of time and energy. This season of my life, however, is the right time for me to turn more attention to artistic endeavors and studio work.”


This month in the City Gallery, pastel artist Kristin Divers presents “What’s Your Pleasure?” a show filled to the brim with neighborhood imagery. “My art is an exploration of people and the places they live, serve, work, or play; where they gather to build relationships, or retreat to find respite,” Divers said. “I seek to connect viewers to similar environments and communities within their own life experiences, and to the emotions that correspond with these people and places.”


Heavily influenced by French impressionist Edgar Degas, Divers’ work offers intricate elements of light and the human form. However, while Divers retains a certain psychological complexity reminiscent of Degas, her work welcomes the warm aspect of community and removes her subjects from complete isolation. The result meets her viewer’s gaze with illustrious, softly saturated colors, and what seems to be a sort of invitation into a world where we are not alone.


“I see the world as a painful place, and life as full of frustration, futility, and fear. This is our human condition.” explained Divers. “But the world is not without hope, not without joy, pleasure, or meaning. The people and environments of our lives can help to heal, encourage, and inspire us in our daily work. This is the essence of my art.”

Kristin Divers’ work hangs in the City Gallery throughout the month of May.