April 4th, 2017

Verdure in the City Gallery

by cgindy



1. greenness, especially of fresh, flourishing vegetation.
2. green vegetation, especially grass or herbage.
3. freshness in general; flourishing condition; vigor.
This month in the City Gallery you can see new work by Alicia Zanoni and Brendan Day, and you’ll be green with envy over these paintings! Following the lead of our annual FoodCon convention, Alicia and Brendan have joined in celebrating the Indy local food movement and created a body of work consisting of fruits and vegetables painted from still life. As spring slowly but surely makes its way to our city, we are reminded of the vitality of nature, even in our urban setting: lush green vegetation, blooming flowers, and plump produce from Indy’s farmer’s markets; the transition from winter to spring that marks both a mental and physical transition in all of us. As we move from the starchy root vegetables of winter to fresh greens and berries of spring, we trade in our snowy ruts for creativity and optimism.
The amount of culinary diversity we take in seems to reflect the diversity and fertility of our creative thoughts. The works of Zanoni and Day not only celebrate the freshness of spring but new ideas, positive feelings, and healthy eating.  Join us this Friday, April 7th from 6-9 in the City Gallery.
As we celebrate the arrival of spring, you can find enthusiasts from a wide variety of organizations involved in the local food movement circling up to provide a feast of information about community supported agriculture, beekeeping, urban farming, animal husbandry, cooperative groceries and much more during First Friday, from 6 to 9pm.