December 26th, 2014

Tinker Coffee Company

by Andrew Christenberry

Along Indy’s developing 16th Street corridor a new, fresh, and abundantly local business called Tinker Coffee Company has planted its roots just east of Delaware Street. As Indy’s coffee scene stood in need of a bit of refining, the idea to open a new roastery close to the heart of downtown struck Jeff Johnson like a lightening bolt. Johnson, a sort of coffee connoisseur in his own right, approach his brother-in-law Stephen Hall with a business proposition and a book by Michaele Weissman called God in a Cup: The Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Coffee. Hall read the book and took Johnson up on his offer. Tinker Coffee Company was born.

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After spending the summer acquiring a roasting machine, sourcing the best fair trade coffees the world has to offer, and setting up their quaint, historic building on 16th–all the while refining their palates–Johnson and Hall began to roast. Today all it takes is one step inside their door to realize something sensational is brewing in the Herron-Morton Place neighborhood. With the hope of transforming Indy into a true coffee town, Johnson and Hall have made it their goal to get people who are interested in the vast world of coffee even more interested. “We’re focused on roasting the finest specialty coffees from around the world and providing our visitors with an awesome and educational experience,” Hall explained, “While we don’t operate a café, our coffees are available for purchase on-site and online.”

The educational aspect of Tinker Coffee Co. sets them apart from other coffee roasters in Indy. Johnson and Hall have made it clear that they are interested in raising awareness in urban Indy of just how fascinating and delicious coffee can be. In addition to roasting some of the best coffees, Tinker also offers coffee cupping (tasting) classes on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings so give them a call and sign up!


In the words of Johnson and Hall, “Tinker Coffee Co. was born from a simple idea: amazing coffee should be available and accessible, not pretentious and intimidating. By focusing our efforts on roasting some of the best coffees in the world, and promoting the educational side of specialty coffee, we hope to show people just how fun and delicious a perfect cup of coffee can be.”


So next time you find yourself near the historic Herron-Morton Place neighborhood, stop by Tinker Coffee Co. and take in the sights and the aromas. Maybe even buy a pound of their specialty coffee and support an up and coming local business. Trust me. You’ll be glad that you did.

Tinker Coffee Co. is located at 212 East 16th Street.