June 27th, 2017

Tarkington Park

by cgindy

Today she felt something she never felt before
Aye freedom it’s a coming knockin’ on her door
Said come outside I gotta show you something more
There ain’t no limits to the worlds you can explore

A day at the park
Changed her whole life

Tarkington Park, located at 39th & Illinois in the Maple Crossing area has undergone quite a transformation recently. After a nearly six million dollar renovation, it now boasts a water park with digital lights, four water features, a climbing wall, earth slides, tunnel tubes, rope climbing attractions and basketball courts.

Harrison Center songwriting resident Nabil Ince said he wanted to write a song that said, quite simply, “Thank you for the park.” He went on to explain, “During my time there, being able to see and then hear people talk about the cool features the park has to offer helped me to realize a bit better the park’s potential. This park is a place where people, especially youth can go and play and explore. This exploration can open doors of imagination that were not previously opened.” The renovation of Tarkington Park is just one part of the rebirth of the Maple Crossing area, a Great Places 2020 neighborhood. Stay tuned.