May 18th, 2016

Planning a Legacy

by Nikki Owens


In 1991, while expecting their first child, Ted Gregorek and Lori Rozgonyi did not want to bring a new baby home to an apartment. So they began to search for the perfect house. Perfect for Lori meant big enough to accommodate relatives and for Ted it meant solid and well built for no more than $75,000. The search was looking bleak at the time. A friend told them about a house in the Herron-Morton neighborhood, but they were hesitant, believing it to be unsafe and unfrequented by police. After being assured that Herron Morton had an organized neighborhood association where everyone looked out for one another, they fell in love with a 100 year old home. “The big blue house needed to celebrate. We needed a home. And the home . . . well, it seemed to need us. I loved the house the minute I saw it. The crazy 80s paisley wall paper, the carpet throughout, the 4 bedrooms . . . and enough work and remodeling to keep us still busy these 25+ years later.” shares Lori.

When I asked them to share a thought on how they found community and the legacy of their family, the answer came easily. “We bought a home, and then helped build a neighborhood. We couldn’t be happier with our decision.


Our kids, Andi and Patrick, are seven years apart. Their memories of HMP are vastly different. From briskly walking past shuttered buildings and feeding feral cats to coffee shops and skate boarding without fear. Herron Morton is home.”