December 9th, 2014

From Mass Ave. to Bates-Hendricks, More of Your City Suppers Stories

by cgindy


For the past 15 years, we invite college students over to house for a meal on Sunday nights and tonight was no different.  Folks are always welcome to bring a friend.  We serve home cooked, delicious food in a small space. We don’t have enough chairs or tables for the folks. We always eat and talk. Tonight, we ate and talked, then we laughed and cried a little.  Everyone served themselves and everyone has “refrigerator rights” (refrigerator rights mean that if don’t like what we are having, open our fridge and find something else, you don’t need to ask first.)

It’s not about the food or the cramped space, it’s about being together in a place that, we hope, feels like home, a place where they can feel like they belong.

Linda Nikcevich


Sunday Supper Club was a first for many of our neighbors.  We have several new residents in the three block area that was the focus for our invitation.  The 22 folks and two young ones who attended got to meet their neighbors – many for the first time.  We had a sit-down meal of brats, salad, vegetables, homemade ice cream and pumpkin pie – with wine and growlers from Fountain Square Brewery.

Everyone enjoyed the time and lingered well past 8 o’clock visiting and getting to know each other.  We ran the idea of having a monthly Supper Club and several showed interest in continuing – and we will be following up with folks to see if we can keep this going.

We also took the opportunity to discuss the public space that adjoins us all, the 110 Entrance to I65, which is the gateway between Fountain Square and Bates-Hendricks.  Several folks were interested in helping maintain that space in the future.

So it was a fun and productive time on many levels.

Jeff Sparks


Though our party was small – the conversation and food were fulfilling! Katie (in scrubs) & Tim Campbell (the photographer) hosted a last minute soup supper in their cozy apartment near Mass Ave. With all of our busy schedules it was wonderful to sit down and share a meal together.

Highlights included: soups made with Indy Winter Farmers Market produce, learning about 3D printers, discussing Thanksgiving plans, and swapping stories from our past work week.

With only 1 out of our party of 5 having grown up in Indiana the ALLiN cards were informative and fun. After hosting we decided we would love to host a progressive dinner amongst our community!

Katie Campbell