November 21st, 2017

Some Maple Crossing Music

by cgindy

The area recently dubbed Maple Crossing, centered around 38th and Illinois St, north of downtown Indy is a focal point of the Harrison Center’s place-based city and community-building efforts. There are a plethora of musical works that came from and are driven by this neighborhood, featuring collaborations, and even soundbites contributed by a few locals themselves! Rising local artists Brandon Lott and Tucker Krajewski brought instrumental and production skills to collaborate with former music resident and fellow, Okara Imani, on the Maple Crossing leg of the Hip Hoperetta musical tours.

As well as detail the history of the area, pieces such as “Full Circle” acknowledge the social and economic struggles of the city, major changes within that area, and call for all to learn from past troubles and mistakes to resolve key issues of the Maple Crossing neighbors and families. It even features lyrics and the voice of a School 43 student, representing the hopes and needs of the area’s past and current neighbors!