November 14th, 2017

A Look Back: Songs of Monon 16

by Okara Imani

Revisiting 2017’s place-based soundtracks to the city, we would like to highlight a few key pieces produced by our musicians and songwriting residents! Emma Hall is a folk singer/ song-writer who created music inspired by various features of the city, including the Monon 16 neighborhood. This area was a major focus of our place-based work in 2017 and culminated in the first of its kind preenactment theater event, PreEnactIndy. “Monon 16” is a somewhat nostalgic look at what the neighborhood meant to many growing up and growing older, and reminds us that it still runs through the whole city, connecting us all. 


Continuing in that vein, we hear bright and hopeful melodies in “Everlasting City” as Emma sings of experiences we in Indianapolis all share. It’s a song of common ground, common hopes and dreams.