December 17th, 2017

King Park

by Emma Hall

A number of Indianapolis neighborhoods have seen improvements in the past few years, but of these, one of the most remarkable success stories is that of the King Park neighborhood. This is a community comprised of the smaller Old Northside, Herron Morton Place, Kennedy King, Reagan Park, Fall Creek Place, Friends & Neighbors, and Crosstown neighborhoods.

Thanks to the work of the King Park Development Corporation, steps are being taken to revitalize the area, which has seen drastic improvements in social, residential, and educational standing. Hundreds of abandoned houses have been renovated, and old houses have been preserved. Public parks and trails have been redone, and public art has become commonplace. It is now a lively and welcoming place to live, and it is being seen to that this trend continues.

“King Park,” is a Sufjan Stevens-esque instrumental song with layers of frenzied guitar and piano, written and recorded by singer-songwriter resident Paul Smallman. It reflects the feeling of walking through the neighborhood in fall. The sunlight filters through the trees and onto the sidewalk as leaves rustle in the wind. You walk by old houses, and people on their porches talking and playing with their kids. You’re surrounded by familiar sights and sounds. This is home. It’s without a doubt a happy feeling, and for those who got the neighborhood to where it is now, a feeling of triumph. For King Park Development Corporation and its many partners, seeing the neighborhood as it is now it a great victory. However, the hard work continues for these dedicated neighbors.

Check out the song King Park on the City Gallery Soundcloud. Listen to the sound of a neighborhood reborn.