May 24th, 2016

Inspired by the Neighborhood

by Nikki Owens

Halie & I

Drawing on the way to studio

Justin and Halie Vining moved downtown for practical reasons—they both worked in the area. Justin has a studio at the Harrison Center for the Arts where he works full time as an artist and Halie works for the locally owned Trendy Minds. She is the Content Marketing Director for the company which means she ensures smooth executions of marketing strategies for clients.

Painting in the neighborhood

Talbot Street - Justin Vining (web)

South Broad Ripple was home to the couple before they moved to the Herron-Morton Neighborhood, and they were surprised when they met almost the entire community within the first week. It was a welcome comfort for Justin and Halie. They hadn’t met many neighbors in their previous home. “The sense of community is amazing,” Justin says with a smile “everyone just looks out for each other all of the time.” The neighborhood has had an impact on Vining’s art, too. Some works have actually been inspired from walks around the neighborhood.


Justin and Halie enjoy walking their Labradors, Watson and Wyeth, so the next you see them out be sure to give them a wave.