June 6th, 2016

Inquiry: For Indy. About Indy.

by cgindy

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For two weeks, Adeleine Sinsabaugh and Tucker Krajewski have been meeting neighbors, business owners, customers, Jehovah’s Witnesses, church volunteers, car washers, and one hat saleswoman. They’ve been researching history, talking to people, and stepping into eclectic homes and historic lives. They are piecing together stories and history, trying to figure out how businesses and neighborhoods started, and where they came from. They are talking to people who truly value the communities they’re a part of, people who have invested years into the neighborhood they live in. Inquiry is setting out to tell their stories, the people who have been working hard and deserve to be recognized. They want to show listeners the life and community engagement that exists in places that seem hopeless.


Listen to the trailer for the show below. Next week, the first episode of Inquiry will be released.

If you have any ideas you’d like to share, if you want to talk to Adeleine and Tucker, or if you have a question, email them at inquirypodcast@gmail.com