October 2nd, 2015

Indianapolis Saved on Canvas: New Work by Vivian Gladden and Morris Kurz

by Andrew Christenberry

This month, the City Gallery presents a show, fashioned in the collaborative spirit of the urban Indy community, which captures the nuanced vantage points of our city by the brushes of Vivian Gladden and Morris Kurz.

ATT Building, Vivian Gladden

“I’ve worked at art and educating myself always,” Gladden said. “[For me] ‘always’ means working around a job of some sort. Now, at last I can devote as much time to paintings as life will allow.” Today Gladden paints with the Indiana Plein Air painters and works to capture the atmospheric effects she loves so much.


Chamber of Commerce Building, Morris Kurz

For oil painter Morris Kurz, his joy comes from capturing scenes and buildings in a city that is constantly changing. “Many people do not take note when buildings are torn down, but some do,” Kurz explained. “I’m one of those people. I strive to visually preserve their memories.”


Canal Scene, Morris Kurz


College Ave. Bridge, Vivian Gladden

In their show entitled “Indianapolis Saved on Canvas,” Gladden and Kurz offer their own unique takes on the images that make Indy home. As their work hangs together in the City Gallery, viewers will be encouraged to adopt the eyes of another. With Gladden and Kurz as our guides, our gaze will hold Indianapolis in a new light as it moves from its present toward what it will be.

“Indianapolis Saved on Canvas” hangs in the City Gallery through October 30.