December 19th, 2017

For the Arts and For the City

by cgindy

If you’ve been by the intersection at 16th & Delaware this month, you may have noticed a wiry figure riding across a Naplab map of Indy neighborhoods. Assemblage artist Chad Campbell designed our latest billboard, a spot we claimed several years ago as a “frame” to highlight local art. Our popular First Friday openings that feature new art every month help us to promote the city’s wealth of artistic talent, too!

The Harrison Center is committed to serving artists, and with your support, our work in urban neighborhoods is growing, too. In 2017, we elevated stories of long term residents and businesses in areas where gentrification was a concern. One of our favorite projects was celebrating the 60-year-old Cheatham and Moore Barbershop in Butler-Tarkington, as part of the Maple Crossing Great Places 2020 initiative. Inspired by Leodis Moore and crew, hip hop/gospel artist Nabil Ince wrote and recorded “Barbershop a Blessing.” An accompanying music video by Asa Gauen has been seen by over 50,000 people who were captivated by the story of these neighborhood figures. We hope you are inspired to join our celebration of Maple Crossing and other Indy neighborhoods and the people who have made them great.

Won’t you consider supporting our efforts with a year-end gift? It’s easy to make an online donation to the Harrison Center here! We hope you will join us in 2018 as well, whether at a First Friday event, the Independent Music + Art Festival, or one of the many community projects in store.