April 30th, 2013

The City Experience in Fall Creek Place

by cgindy

brady hurlburt

by Emily Hinkel

Recent college graduate Brady Hurlburt never thought he’d end up in Indiana.  “It’s such a random place to move to,” he laughs. “Sometimes I forget where it is on the map.”  But he’s finally making himself at home.  Since moving to Indianapolis in the summer of 2011, he’s gradually made his way closer and closer to downtown, from 96th Street to 39th Street, then finally settling in Fall Creek Place.  He and two roommates share an apartment in a replica of the historic Marie Building, complete with a rooftop porch that boasts a gorgeous view of the downtown skyline.

A quick 2.5 miles from the city center, Brady is drawn to the excitement and energy that come with living downtown, which is why he turned down several housing opportunities farther from the city center.  He explains that while there are plenty of nice neighborhoods farther out, it just “doesn’t feel like you’re in the city,” which is exactly the feeling he’s looking for:

“I grew up in southwest Missouri and went to school in a college town in Arkansas, so to me, Indy is the real city experience.  No, it’s not Chicago, but in Chicago, I couldn’t live this close to downtown—and honestly, I wouldn’t want to.  But in Indy, I can do that.  I can have that city experience.”

In Fall Creek Place, destinations such as Goose the Market and CITYOGA are within easy walking distance, and even seemingly ordinary places take on new significance for Brady: “I love living in a part of town where I can go to Kroger and hear at least three different languages,” he shares.

Brady describes how the choice to move to Fall Creek Place was an easy one once he stopped fixating on statistics and started talking to actual members of the community about their personal experiences.  It’s that same community that drew him there in the first place.  He explains, “It’s easy to justify moving to a neighborhood when you’ve already met half a dozen people within walking distance who’ve said they’ll have you over as soon as you move in.”

Right now, Brady’s busy breaking in his new apartment by hosting rooftop parties with friends and grilling burgers for the local youth.  He’s excited to play an active role in his community, soak up the spirit of the city, and—hopefully—finally pinpoint Indiana on the map.