November 16th, 2017

Collaborations Enhance Songwriting Residencies

by Okara Imani

Our musical endeavors in 2017 were, in large part, fueled and enriched  by creative collaboration, bringing together different styles, methods, and mediums to present the city with organic place-based work. Nabil Ince graced us with his music stylings during a short singer/song-writing residency, featuring various areas of city-building focus and two other music residents from different projects. Emma Hall lent her folk stylings to his lyricism in “Heaven Sent”, a ballad-spoken word fusion piece calling the people of Indy to look forward together into promising futures bolstered by a long and hard-traveled past.


Luke Crawley, who masters our finals pieces for public consumption, introduced the Harrison Center to Jake Hendershot, 2017 finalist of The Voice. “Equity, diversity, history, inclusion” are the mantra of Nabil and Hendershot’s upbeat collaboration titled, “Lift”; reminding us to lift one another up as the city shifts and changes.