January 6th, 2015

City Suppers, Meridian-Kessler Style

by cgindy

My boyfriend, Zach Reller, and I have thrown a number of parties and get-togethers since moving into our Meridian-Kessler home nearly three years ago. All modesty aside, we’re getting pretty darn good at putting good people together with good food and good brews for a great time.


At least we think so—and we’ll use pretty much any excuse to throw a party. When we bought a badminton set, we grilled out. When I got my adult orthodontia (braces) off, we served ribs and hard candy. When our home brewer friend needed a keg emptied, we put on a pot of chili. Colts tailgating, Pacers playoffs, Indy 500, any random Sunday afternoon…


Naturally, the idea of hosting a City Supper was attractive. Plus, City Supper happened to fall the day before my birthday. It was meant to be. And it was a blast.


Leon, our Australian shepherd, greeted every visitor at the door with unbridled love and enthusiasm (if you know an Aussie, you know what I mean). From my folks to friends to neighbors to a friend’s folks, who are neighbors, to a puppy named Nino, we had an awesome and eclectic crowd.


…And then there was the food. I have a tendency to invite everyone I know to every party I’ve ever had, so Zach, who used to work at the Smoking Goose and in kitchens before that, had his work cut out for him in the kitchen.


He outdid himself: candied curry pistachios and deviled eggs to start. Then a shaved veggie salad, collard greens, and sweet potato gratin as sides. A pepper crusted beef tenderloin with citrus red wine sauce, duck cassoulet, and citrus and fennel marinated grilled chicken thighs as main courses. Apple pie and homemade espresso ice cream for dessert. To confirm, it was as absurd and extravagant as it sounds.


Did I mention there was a puppy? Well, the next morning—my birthday—my bare foot found a present little Nino left on my bedroom floor, which was quite the exclamation point on the whole affair.

With a community like Indy (and a boyfriend like mine), I think we’ll continue welcoming friends and neighbors into our home every chance we get. Even Nino.

-Chrissy Astbury