November 13th, 2015

City Suppers in Herron Morton

by cgindy

by Rachael Luther



As a temporary resident of Indianapolis, the opportunity to host a few friends at my interim home was graciously provided to me by my host family, Kevin and Amy Hern. Though they were off to a city supper themselves, they eagerly allowed me to act as though their home was my own.  So shortly after dinner, a group of my friends found ourselves gathered around the kitchen island, enjoying a beautiful home and some delicious brownies. The night was filled with much laughter and a rousing game of Round Robin, far surpassing my expectations of my short 10 week stay in Indianapolis. Though we’ve only been getting together for a short time as varying new and past residents of Herron Morton , these good friends made me feel right at home, introducing me to the beautiful idiosyncrasies of Indy.  November 8th will always stand as a beautiful reminder of the hospitality I have felt in this unique city from so many of it’s wonderful inhabitants- friends, hosts, coworkers, and more. Sadly, for me this will not turn into a weekly tradition here in Indianapolis, however it encourages me to open my next home to get to know my new neighbors.


Until next time, Indianapolis!