December 14th, 2017

Celebrating Lift Indy with Song

by Emma Hall


“Lift,” written and recorded by Nabil Ince (featuring Jake Hendershot)

Lift Indy is a new program that works towards equitable neighborhood revitalization through affordable housing, economic development, and placemaking.” The city of Indianapolis will choose a neighborhood every year to receive the Community Development Block Grant and HOME Investment Partnerships Program funding for several years in order to achieve community goals.

Monon 16 is the first neighborhood to receive this funding. The $4.5 million dollars will be utilized over the next three years to renovate old buildings, create affordable living spaces, install local art, and institute public amenities. As the song says,



One can only miss the shots that he takes,

How can one take a shot without a place?”

Monon 16 has always had so much potential, but rarely ever the resources needed to reach it. They were taking shots without a ball. This grant finally gives Monon 16 the chance it needs to grow and thrive. All of the dreams and aspirations that neighbors have had over the years can finally come to fruition, and a skilled development team–comprised of King Park Development Corporation, Habitat for Humanity, the ReDevelopment Group, the Harrison Center, TWG Development, and David Weekley Homes–will be there to help guide the neighborhood towards its goals.

A big shoutout to Jake Hendershot for his collaboration on this song by Nabil Ince. His contribution helped make this song of triumph and celebration all the more beautiful. Give it a listen, and then find out how you can help make Monon 16 the just, equitable, and economically vibrant place it deserves to be.