September 11th, 2013

Built, Building, Build – new work by Kathryn Dart

by cgindy



Kathryn Dart ­ 833 Jefferson Avenue

In July 2011, my husband and I bought our first home in St. Clair Place, at the beginning of what we hoped would be a remarkable transformation of the neighborhood. Now two years later, when we look down our street, we see both how far the community has come and what more still needs to be done. Mistakes have been made and lessons have been learned. We have seen a lot of good and have experienced loss, growth, and change with our neighbors. Our daily actions, greetings, and struggles contribute bit by bit to the shaping of this place we call home.

This body of work captures a snapshot of where we are now, two years into what will surely be a lifelong process of working to make our neighborhood the safe and welcoming place we want it to be. Life here can be messy, lonely, or difficult, but there is also warmth, kindness, and commitment.

About the Artist:

Kathryn Dart has been pursuing art in Indianapolis since 2009, working primarily with encaustic, an ancient method of painting and sculpting with hot beeswax. She enjoys working sculpturally with wax as well as in two dimensions with paper and collage. Kathryn’s studio is located at the Harrison Center for the Arts. The Arts Council of Indianapolis awarded Kathryn the 2011 Beckmann Emerging Artist Fellowship. To learn more visit