The Harrison Center for the Arts tells a story about arts & culture – it’s accessible, fresh and fun, edgy, yet whimsical. It’s not intimidating and never boring. Indy’s urban neighborhoods have a similar story to tell – knowing the neighbors, houses with character, convenience, and walkable “Only In Indy” recreation, retail, and restaurants.

City Gallery is Indy’s urban living center that connects people to culture, community, and place to strengthen core neighborhoods.

Creative Placemaking from Harrison Center for the Arts on Vimeo.

The City Gallery is a program of the Harrison Center for the Arts. We’re using arts & culture to tell the story of Indy’s urban neighborhoods. Through our growing grassroots networks, we’re connecting people to housing opportunities, whether to buy or to rent, affordable or market-rate, ASAP or a few years down the road.

Want to be a part of making urban Indy an even better place to live? Let us introduce you to friendly future neighbors and incredible deals through our neighborhood revitalization partners. Over a cup of coffee (on us!), these local community developers, urban realtors, and homeownership advisors can help find the best neighborhood and home for you.

We are open during normal business hours 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.

The City Gallery is open during every First Friday event. We also coordinate house parties and special gatherings to introduce could-be urban residents to Indy’s people and places.